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We provide consultancy services to various entities looking to leave a lasting, positive impact in the Disability Community.

For Corporates:

Looking to engage in CSR initiatives in the Disability Community? Or maybe workplace integration for Employees with a Disability?


Here at (these)abilities, we take a very serious approach towards social impact contributions. We have seen too many organisations who sensationalize contributions that may have minimal impact on the community, or whose efforts contribute to a pseudo-inclusive society. This is because most CSR efforts have a sympathetic approach to the Disability Community.

We want to take your CSR efforts to the next level, and optimise your contributions in terms of time, money and efforts. We see CSR efforts through structured tiers and from an empathetic approach. We look to have CSR be something that is aligned to your organisation's operations instead of being something the organisation has to go out of it's way to do.

A transport company? Don't just give donations, look at ways you can improve transport facilities for Persons with Disabilities.

A bank? Don't just do a walk-a-thon. How about financial planning masterclasses or micro-lending to help kickstart small businesses run by Persons with Disabilities?

A logistics company? How about looking at ways to bring inaccessible Assistive Technology products within closer reach to Singaporean Persons with Disabilities?

Speak to us at hello@theseabilities.com to see how we can align your business operations to significant & lasting impact that can truly empower the Disability Community. 

Workplace Integration:

Employing Persons with Disabilities is a great start towards empowerment of the community. However, in order for them to truly thrive and contribute significantly to your company, they must be comfortable and well-equipped to do their job. This is where Workplace Integration is key.

Whether your employee is hearing-impaired, visually-impaired or is a wheelchair user, we look to provide solutions in creating an adaptive work environment where they can focus on doing their jobs.

Speak to us at hello@theseabilities.com to see how we can tailor the needs of your PwDs employees to your workplace environment.


For Product Companies:

Call it CSR, or an opening of a new market segment. 

Here at (these)abilities, we look at ways to bring your products to the Disability Community, This could be by identifying ways Persons with Disabilities could use your current products, or helping to create new "disability-friendly" products to add to your product range.

15% of the world population consists of Persons with Disabilities. 18% of Singaporeans are Persons with Disabilities. Surely, that is a customer segment worth looking at.

Speak to us at hello@theseabilities.com to see how we can make your products "Disability-friendly", or as we call it, more Accessible.


For Disability-related VWOs & Government Agencies:

Disability-related VWOs:

VWOs are the experts when it comes to identifying problems and formulating suggestions to solve them. However, there is a technical gap in trying to turn ideas into reality.

That is where (these)abilities wants to come in, to lend our technical expertise.

To listen to the problems and ideas, understand the parameters surrounding the problem, assess the viability of the ideas and go through an entire product development cycle to produce prototypes and product solutions. 

Speak to us at hello@theseabilities.com to see how we can turn your ideas into reality.


Government Agencies:

Due to our formal training in design-thinking, we strongly believe in User Testing, Empathetic Studies and User Experience (UX). 

We take a bottom-up approach when it comes to creating solutions for the Disability Community, where on-the-ground community engagement is a must. This helps not only to create a solution that is representative of the community that will be using them, but also provides for quick iterations that results in shorter solution development cycles.

Let us do the groundwork for you. Speak to us at hello@theseabilities.com.



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