3 Stories, 3 Resolutions, 1 Goal

A (these)abilities initiative

Aloysius & Daddy (Kagan)

“Unlock Potential”

Parasports has unlocked the potential in “Aloy”, Daddy as well as their father-son bond.

It can do so for more kids with disabilities. However, there is a lack of volunteers in parasports to allow that to happen.

You can change that.
You can make a difference.
You can #GiveHourTime

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Aloy’s Suggestion:

Sign up as a volunteer with SDSC so you can support our joy through sports. It will be fun!!"

– Aloysius Gan, 10, Prospective Team Singapore Boccia Player


Together with:


"Open Your Eyes"

Coming Soon
on 10th Dec!

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Lisa & Zhi Xiong

"Hear Us Out"

Coming Soon
on 17th Dec!

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