(these)abilities L.A.B. #2.4: Grab Lab (Series 2 Session 4)

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Welcome to Session 4! Where we get our hands dirty with prototyping in order to turn our lofty ideas into concrete, visible solutions!


Paper Prototyping:

Catching up on lost time from all the fun from Session 3, we went straight into Software App Development Prototyping!

Everyone who is not a software native believes that mobile app development is all about lines of code and magic in order to roll out an app! But that is not true! Well, maybe the “magic” part is true and our developer friends will agree.

Nonetheless, Software App Development has an entire spectrum ranging from the high-fidelity, fully coded prototypes to lower fidelity ones that can be done on Photoshop, Powerpoint, or even Pen & Paper!

So we started our participants going with some basic paper prototyping! All that is needed is a nice looking smartphone template & one’s creativity! It is a good way to test out features and user interactions before coding out the app, less we make any mistakes or overlook certain elements.

Seen here is Jia Liang, our UX consultant-cum-participant using a clock as a steering wheel to simulate being a driver, and Alfred (not pictured) our deaf participant testing out his paper prototype. He has a template of an iPhone, as well as a slew of hand-drawn & printed screens, to simulate the multiple screens and interactions that would occur during entire ride-hailing experience! All he has to do is slide the slew of paper upwards to simulate using an actual mobile app!


Of course we had other groups who were lazy, but always innovative! Instead of drawing out a sequence of screens for a paper prototype, they placed a series of post-its on an actual iPhone to simulate pop-up notifications on a mobile phone!


(In Picture: Yew Gek, a visually-impaired participant testing out additional features atop her iPhone which is actually using VoiceOver [A screen reading function] & Screen Curtain [A function that allows you to use your phone in “blackout mode”, especially useful to keep on-screen information private] to access the Grab App.)


(Another pop-up notification feature being tested out with our visually-impaired participants)

(Another group’s paper prototype to visualise how their ideas would look in the Grab App!)

One of the most interesting challenges for our participants, was how to make their prototypes VoiceOver-compatible. Since it was on paper, there was no way the phone would be able to read out the information on their paper prototypes! So instead, our participants became “human screen readers” who paid close attention to the taps & swipes our visually-impaired testers made on their prototypes and reading the according features out loud.

Having created their prototypes, participants then tested them out with our deaf and blind participants before refining their prototypes further!

In Session 5, participants will create higher fidelity prototypes on-screen! Stay tuned for that, or better still, join us! As long as you’ve read all the blog posts in the (these)abilities L.A.B. Grab Lab Series thus far, you will be able to fit right in!

In the meantime, here are all our participants-turned-designer from Session 4!

(Not in picture: Wee Liam, Yew Gek, Choon Hui, Swee Kim & Tony, our visually-impaired friends from the Singapore Association for the Visually-Handicapped [SAVH])




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