(these)abilities L.A.B. #2.3: Grab Lab (Series 2 Session 3)

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If Session 2 was a hotbed of ideas, Session 3 was helping the ideas retain their fire! We turned wacky ideas into pragmatic, innovative ones that could potentially be implemented.

Affinity Diagram:

Picking up from where we left off in Session 2 (lots of wacky, unfiltered ideas), the first thing to do was to make sense of them all by sorting them according to three things: The idea’s feature characteristics, where it lied on the ride-hailing usability spectrum and if the idea benefitted the Deaf, Blind or both!

Once that was done, participants broke up into groups to take charge of ALL ideas in 1 specific user experience (i.e. “Book Ride”, “Flag & Board”, “Ride Journey”, “Fare Payment”, “Drop-Off”).


Ideal v.s. Pragmatic:

Next, in their groups, participants had to sieve through all the ideas, re-assess & re-design them by coming up with concept variants!

Once that was done, we surprised them by making them vote for the most feasible & urgent ideas we could actually prototype & implement in the near future.

(We showed them Instagram’s Feature Prioritisation Chart for reference in making an informed vote!)

All other ideas were kept in a repository that teams could access to pick out other cool ideas from!

Usability Flow Chart:

Every product or service has an embedded level of how usable, or user-friendly, it can be to its users. In order to help our participants-turned-designers visualize this, they learnt how to map out a Usability Flow Chart which documents all the intricate interactions a user might have with a product and/or service. Everything from a user’s goal, to their story & intentions.

(UX flow chart by Alfred Yeo, one of our resident deaf participants-turned-designers!)

(UX flow chart by Petra, another participant-turned-designer!)


Everyone was having so much fun that we had to postpone some of the activities we had planned for Session 3 to Session 4! Just a teaser: Paper Prototypes (the most basic mobile app prototyping that ANYONE can do!)

So stay tuned to Session 4’s blog post, or come for it yourself!



Till then!



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