Showcase at the launch of Tech Able Centre @ Enabling Village

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On the 6th of October, SG Enable launched the first of it's facilities, the Tech Able Centre.

Whilst one of the primary functions of the centre is to bring in Assistive Technology from around the world for Persons with Disabilities to try, they also have a co-working space meant for start-ups in the Assistive Technology space.

(these)abilities was given the privilege of being invited to use the space in efforts to contribute to a more vibrant and enterprising co-working space.

Hence, we were given the opportunity to showcase our work at the launch of Tech Able Centre.

We showcased two of Our Works (Keyguard 2.0 & (these)abilities L.A.B) to Minister Tan Chuan Jin, as well as Head of Singtel CSR, Andrew Buay.

(Sharing the motivations of Keyguard 2.0, it's benefits and current progress to Minister Tan Chuan Jin)

(Our Showcase of Keyguards: traditional v.s modern, expensive v.s cheap, low customisability v.s high customisability. Ours is the modern, cheap and high customisability one, of course!)


(Our promotional flyer to help people understand what a keyguard is, why it is important to have and why only a handful who need it actually own one)

(Seeing that only less than 30 models of keyboards are compatible keyguards, it comes as no surprise that keyguards for laptops hardly exist!)

(The same technology used to create keyguards can also create customised keyboard stickers for ANY keyboard & laptop! Own a Dell XPS or Thinkpad? We can customise stickers for you too, and with whatever image you want printed as the sticker!)

(A collection of ideas and brainstorming techniques from the participants (i.e. Wheelchair users, designers, engineers and students) of (these)abilities L.A.B.)

(The "rough and dirty" first prototype our (these)abilities participants (i.e. Wheelchair users, designers, engineers and students) of (these)abilities L.A.B.) created.)

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