"Plug-N-Play" Safety System

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to flag down a bus, but have it drive off without you getting on? Sure you do. We all have faced that when buses are too full to get on.

But how about when the bus is relatively empty?

Wheelchair users face this regularly as long as another wheelchair user is on the bus before them. It is even more frustrating for them when the bus is relatively empty, but safety regulations restrict WABs from taking more than one wheelchair user at a time due to the lack of additional wheelchair safety equipment.

Having strong ties in the wheelchair using community in Singapore, we have a deep understanding of many transportation issues they face and this ranked top along with ("The MRT Platform Gap").

In the newer wheelchair accessible public buses (WABs), there is only one wheelchair lot. As such, no two wheelchair-users can travel safely in the same bus, and to make the matter worse, this sole wheelchair lot is now highly contested not just between wheelchair users, but with baby prams and trolleys too.

So we created an unobtrusive, add-on bus accessory that expands a bus’s wheelchair capacity.

 We even have our first batch of bus accessories on Singapore roads for the 8th ASEAN Para Games, who we helped transport all 397 wheelchair athletes in 2 hours, for the APG opening ceremony!

Good news: Our solution is LTA-approved!

Even better news: We are speaking with public bus operators to have this equipment on every Wheelchair Accessible Bus (WABs) so that more wheelchair users can travel SAFELY in the same bus. Wheelchair-using friends do want to travel together, after all! :D


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