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(these)abilities made it cheaper, customisable and accessible for Stroke, Parkinsons & Muscular Dystrophy individuals to use a computer. We even found a way to turn the technology into a commercial product in the form of customisable keyboard stickers for ANY keyboard and laptop.

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This is a keyguard, a piece of hard plastic laid over a keyboard with holes for each key. A user is able to rest their hands on top of the keyguard while typing to reduce strain on the upper limb, and avoid striking unwanted keys due to tremors or involuntary muscle contractions. 

Keyguards allow anyone with hand tremors, athetosis, muscular weakness, or poor fine/gross motor skills, such as persons with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and age-related conditions, to be able to use a keyboard, and consequently, a computer.

However, the piece of plastic (Keyguard) costs almost 4 times the price of the keyboard itself, with an average cost of USD79 (SGD110.43 as of 5 Dec '15; fluctuates) excluding shipping as keyguards are made overseas, mostly outside of APAC region. The reason for this is that keyboard layouts are unique to every keyboard and makes for a manufacturing and logistical headache. This also means that there are only about 30 keyboards worldwide that are compatible with keyguards, mostly outdated and bulky USB keyboards.

Due to the price, lack of customisation and inaccessibility to purchase a keyguard within Singapore, more than 50% of patients, in Singapore, recommended to get a keyguard do not purchase one.

(these)abilities felt that it was a simple, yet effective piece of Assistive Equipment. However, it was a shame that it does not end up in the hands of the many who need it due to it's high costs, low customisability and inaccessibility to purchase.

Hence, we felt the need to “disable the inability” to provide access of computers and the internet to those with limited upper limb mobility.

(these)abilities did so by reducing the price of keyguards by 50%, increasing the customisation of keyguards to be compatible with thousands of keyboard & laptops and can be bought locally within the APAC region. The end product is the same as what is currently available. The only difference was in the process of manufacturing and logistics in which we applied some innovations (Computer Vision & Laser Cutting) .

As a commercial product, the technology behind Project Keyguard also allows for us to customise keyboard protectors & stickers for ANY keyboard and laptop.


We need your help. We want to get this product out to the market. If you...

  • need a keyguard
  • know someone with Parkinson's disease, stroke history, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, or any other conditions that result in muscular weakness/tremors/athetosis/poor motor skills in the upper limb, such that they would need a keyguard
  • don't need a keyguard, but want to help
  • like to personalize your belongings (laptop/keyboard stickers!)

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