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(these)abilities L.A.B #1.2: Prototyping for the MRT Platform Gap (Series 1 Session 2)

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L.A.B. #2 was an incredibly exciting episode. Here's what happened in one sentence: 20 very different people, many of them strangers, went on a 3-hour romp through the wonderful world of designing and rapid prototyping, emerging at the end with not 1, not 2, but 8 unique prototypes of solutions for the MRT gap!

(these)abilities L.A.B #1.1: The MRT Platform Gap (Series 1 Session 1)

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Don’t you think that taking the MRT is a breeze? Or that your biggest worry about taking the MRT is about whether you can get on the next train?

7 Interesting Things I Learnt From Watching Wheelchair Soccer

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Organised by the Singapore Disability Sports Council, Powered Wheelchair Soccer, or “Power Soccer”, is one of the many sports in the 10th Annual National Disability League. A 5-a-side game played indoors, the same rules of soccer apply to Power Soccer as well. As the ASEAN Para(lympic) Games nears, (these)abilities was given the opportunity to watch the tournament unfold! For the uninitiated, here is a Power Soccer game filmed on GoPro cameras.

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